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The best way to attract the highest-paying clients is by "Getting Verified" on our site. Today's CEOs and high-rollers don't have the time nor patience for guessing games and disappointments at the door. When they are looking at your photos, they want to know with confidence that what they see is what they'll get. Any doubt, and your best client will skip to the next profile. Anyone can say "my photos are 100% real", but the only way to guarantee your dream clients that your photos are indeed real is by having a trusted third-party verification.

When you book your shoot with one of our pro photographers, you're not only getting amazing images, your photos will display our VP watermark that will leave your competition in the dust. This is exactly what makes Verified Playmates so unique and successful. We attract the most sophisticated and richest clientele with our verification process to go on the website, and we give you the necessary tools to reach your highest potential.


Tommy Love - Lead Photographer   Shooting in SF Bay Area, LA, Reno, Las Vegas / West Coast.

Tommy is the Owner / Creator of From humble beginnings 4 years ago and endless Nationwide travel to photograph the most talented Playmates across the entire US, Tommy has built this website into what it is today. Currently, is the #1 adult escort advertising site in all major US markets (and the most cost-effective). If Tommy's hard work, dedication, vision, and marketing knowledge serve as the foundation of the website's success, his Honest and Compassionate approach to people is what quickly earns him respect and admiration from people who have met and continue to want to meet him in person. So many Playmates have become good friends while working on photo shoots (78 total) with Tommy, and countless more have become satisfied loyal clients. They all make serious money and leave the industry rather quickly. 46 out of 78 have left the industry in a short time after becoming Verified.

Presently, Tommy is doing less traveling for shoots and is focusing on his personal photography. Catching a real moment and producing an amazing image is one of his true passions in life. He is also continuing to build his relationships with major players in the industry (such as Hef's Playboy Enterprises). Whenever his schedule allows, Tommy will accept custom VIP photo shoots in the Silicon Valley SF Bay Area. You must be serious and be prepared to schedule at least 30 days out in advance. Advanced booking of 30 days or more is required.

-written by Alex Romanov of New York City.

A Few Words from Tommy of VP:
Currently, there are no scheduled VP Nationwide photo shoot tours for 2014.  4+ years has burnt me out. Also due to the fact, VP has made it already. I built this website on $400 start-up capital for you ladies, and the gents to interact and mingle. Since then, (4 years already at the end of October 2013), we've garnered enough traffic and our Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing SEO will continue to grow and provide us with even more Traffic and users, passively, as time goes on. The VP site will continue to grow without me having to travel and conduct VP shoots. It's all about the ladies and the gentlemen, as this was built for you.

I now need to take time off to focus on my daily financials research, my investments, my CFA and Series 7 higher education studies, and my fiancee. She is pure beauty. A sheer perfect "10" not only in looks, but more importantly, a perfect "10" in Personality. I am 1 lucky guy, for sure, and blessed to have her in my life. That's what intrigues and keeps me dedicated and devoted. Personality. And she cooks too. :) But it's the company and the genuine connection that keeps the interest for me. The laughs, the shared memories we continue to create, and her femininity, intimacy, and honesty. Trust and loyalty is so rare, and you have to embody it when it come into one's life. Some women can be so intoxicating and downright the essence of raw beauty in more ways i can count on both my photographic hands.

It would be unfair for me to divide my attention with other ladies UNLESS it is strictly a professional and business relationship. It is and can only be a business relationship, if you decide to hire me to work my best for you. Only those serious who want to be their best and become Verified Playmate need inquire. My studio set-up is located in the old downtown Bank of America building in the SF Silicon Valley Bay Area. Below are my rates, and due to time constraints and availability with my new "focuses", and my engagement responsibilities, i am limited. So if we can't schedule an appointment time you know why.

My work schedule now consists of working 4.5 days per week, working from 4:30am and ending it at 1pm on Fridays, after the NY exchanges close at 1pm PST. Then i focus my time and energies on my fiancee, and other "life obligations". Since I am engaged now (and soon to be married within months), I need time to reflect on and plan what the next week requires, starting on Sundays at 8pm or so. I check emails on Sundays through Thursdays. Planning is paramount.

So if you would like to be Verified as a Playmate, you will need to inquire with an email. I may not be able to accommodate you unless you make it out to the Silicon Valley SF Bay Area.

You are still welcome to use VP as your low-cost escort advertising directory and online medium to get you on your way to your goals, dreams, and whatever it is you need or want to do.

To all of our loyal supporters early on, your rates are grandfathered in, forever. No advertising rate increases ever for supporting VP all these years. The rate upon which you submitted your ad is the rate you secured for Life. VP experiences slight advertising rate increases from time to time since we have limited space for new subscribers/advertisers.

**Please also be reminded that only shoots scheduled at least 30 days in advance with a 50% deposit will be considered. If in the East Coast or Midwest, please try and schedule a shoot with Alex Romanov, since he is a trustworthy and awesome photographer based on the East Coast and has photographed Mercedes Fashion week every year in Manhattan, NY. He is very easy to work with and truly a great, professional Photographer. He is very professional and business-like.

Kindest Regards,

Photographers: Tommy Love and Sam Volk ( Quick Samples of Our Work )
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VIP Jacquelin Tran
San Mateo
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VIP Cassie Fuentes
San Diego
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Los Angeles escort - Ava Monroe
Ava Monroe
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Las Vegas escort - Tawny Brie
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Las Vegas escort - Allyson McClellan
Allyson McClellan
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Washington escort - VIP Barbie Madison
VIP Barbie Madison
Reno escort - VIP Deborah Jett
VIP Deborah Jett
Alex Romanov   Shooting in New York, Miami / East Coast

Alex Romanov Photography has been on NYC fashion scene since the late 90's. Together with his partners,
Alex has produced a record-breaking TV series "IN TRUE FASHION", which won seven EMMY awards.

While working as a fashion and commercial photographer, Alex also focused on fine art specializing in erotica.
His work has been exhibited by prominent NYC galleries.

Over the years, Alex has helped countless models realize their dreams and break into fashion and entertainment industries.
Many of his models achieved success as adult entertainers, worked for Playboy, or became celebrities in adult film.

Alex is now affiliated with VP, and his services are available by appointment at VP rates.

***All Playmates scheduling Verification shoots will be given Free Front Page advertising as well 
   as a VIP city ad for as long as you need it. Forever.***
**At the end of your shoot, all pics taken will be burned onto a USB 2.0 stick which we will provide. No extra charge.


 $400  for 2 hours  (unlimited outfits, a simple high-end Verification photo shoot.)

 $800  for 4 hours  (1/2 day,  unlimited outfits, and customized art-intrigued backdrops Verification shoot.)

 $1000 for 8 hours  (full day, unlimited outfits, and customized art-intrigued backdrops Verification shoot.)

*And for those who still want to submit your ad on VP, you can still do so with this link:

**VP now has an anchored "VIP Section".


Verified Photographers:

Tommy is also screening and seeking out "Verified Photographers" who conduct themselves in a professional manner and can produce high-end work to be part of our growing website and the VP family. Please feel free to do so with an email. You will be screened for your portfolio and professional experience.

Email our photography department at: to schedule your professional VP photo shoot or for any other inquiries you may have.
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