's Statement on the Craigslist Self-Imposed Censorship in Protest

In light of the pressures that were put on Craigslist that gave Founder Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster no choice but to enact a self-imposed censorship of their Adult classifieds section, elects to make a statement on this matter.

Craigslist is located in San Francisco, in the Sunset District, our close neighbors and progressive ilk. Both of us share the same geography and culture that pervades just about the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and we know and believe they are of the same thinking as us, or vice-versa.

With that said,, like Craigslist and other internet "UGC" sites, is protected under the Federal Communications Decency Act, which holds us not liable for any user-generated content. The Courts have defended and verified this by standing firm in Craigslist's favor on more than one occasion. Though we are humanely obligated to protect potentially innocent and underaged content and websurfing children from using our website, a Disclaimer is clearly posted on our website's Front Page as a warning. is not about promoting Prostitution. We are about promoting human interaction and entertainment. We are for entertainment purposes only as well as advocating individual liberties and the free will to engage in the human pursuit of liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness, in an alternative form, whether it be short-term or long-term.

In previous cases regarding Net Neutrality, Craigslist and other online ISPs have won all of those cases. Here are some relevant and pertinent articles for reference: is an alternative to Craigslist, where you'll find more elegant playmates who are professionally shot by our in-house photographer, Tommy Love. There will be better layouts of pictures, quality playmates scrolled to the top or to the Front page, so you won't have to waddle through murky ads that you found on Craigs, which purported to have had or child traffficking ads that led to the pressure-filled self "shutdown" of Craigslist 's Erotic or Adult section. At VP, you'll find that we are better at organizing, sorting, and presenting ads to save you time, so you can get to the best part of this process, that play part.

Also on, you won't see a website that is inviting to minors or attracting those under the legally required age of 18, as there are no sections to seek out a new or used iPod, an xBox360, or second hand furniture. Nope. You won't even find rideshares here but you might make some new friends and casual dining companions and ride with a hot, willing adult babe in a limousine! This is what separates VP apart from Craigslist. We don't lure any minors here and we make no mistake about it. VP is for Adults, and we're about good, clean fun and in favor of allowing people to meet new, exciting, and sexy other people of all backgrounds.

In the Age of Technology, we all have responsibility to separate the good wheat from the useless chaff. Even if the chaff isn't good from or for some, it should still be allowed we believe, because censorship is nothing more than limiting individual liberties and freedoms, which is not what we Americans are about. With freedom comes responsibility not censorship, so that's why VP decided not to mix and "good wholesome wheat" with potential unwanted chaff here. We will keep this website going to provide a cleaner alternative to Craigslist, and not hybrid adult services with the categories that could potentially attract minors, directly or incidentally. That is our pledge as well as shedding light on how classy meeting online for fun can be.

In conclusion, is where you'll find the largest active escort and playmate community of it's kind in the United States. Even with Craigslist "voluntarily" shutting down its Erotic and Adult services section in protest due to regulatory pressure, you'll soon find that you're not going to miss going to the erotic service section on Craigslist after you've tried! Happy Playmatin'!


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