Memo To All the Esteemed and Honorable Gentlemen in the World of Play and our Users - Craigslist Adult Services Alternative strives to bring and promote Class, Civility, and Compassion to the World of Provider Playmatin' and Escort Courtesanship. We believe that since we're all out to play and have a good time, we should all try and conduct ourselves in a responsible, humane, and honorable manner. In light of the Craigslist forced shutdown and self-imposed censorship, we want everyone to know that we view this industry and profession for many as the exercise of free will and freedom to make a living and an alternative form of play. Simple as that.

How you conduct the way you play matters. For so long, the basic human freedom to choose who and how we want to playmate with has been under attack, by those who have no business meddling between the interpersonal socializing of two (or more) willing, consenting, and free adults. As long as those adults, over the legal age of 18 make conscious decisions regarding who and how they want to spend their hardearned resources and/or beauty want to play and party, do so in a clean, fair, discreet, and civil manner, they should be allowed to, without judgment.

Therefore, since we adults are blessed with basic freedoms our Nation's Bill of Rights grants us and protects, we should be allowed to as long as it's humane and no harm is done that could be considered inhumane for any of the parties involved. In essence, we all have an obligation to conduct ourselves in an adult-like manner, when engaged in our adult fun and play. This is what we all should strive to achieve for the sake of public or societal scrutiny.

We, at do not condone nor allow any child pornography nor will we provide a medium by which child trafficking can proliferate nor breathe. We are vehemently opposed to any of that genre and screen all ads to prevent it from coming onto our site. We also have specially coded filters to alert us to potential borderline or masked promotions of such.

We, at do not condone any violence, hatred, or denigration of women nor men in this entertainment industry. We promote good, clean, fair, honest, humane, and noble dealings and fun-seeking interaction by free Americans.

We, at will continue to screens ads with a combination of automated technologies and human review. Technology be made to make the world a better and safer place, and for certain parts of the internet to be enjoyed designed for where Adults can congregate and where children should not.

With that said, is first and foremost about Fun. We're also about trying to enact change in the way this industry is perceived, transacted, and promoted. It doesn't have to be sleazy. It could better be made classy. For that, we need you, the gentlemen, to help us set the tone, so the the lady playmates can show us they have the same good stuff within them as well.

In conclusion, be honorable, be reasonable, be fair, and be an Adult. After all, we can all change the way this industry is viewed if we first make the personal attempts to support the good and hardworking playmates that want nothing more than to be treated like a lady through wining and dining and sent on her way to pursue her precious life and dreams.


The Entire Staff of

"Giving and Respecting of Ourselves and Others. How each of us can change the world we all share."
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