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Tartric Bodywork By Exotic BiRacial CMT w/ PROSTATE OPTION
Name: Aval
Location: Atlanta, GA
Call: 312-685-2372
Age: 23-29
Height: 5' 8"
Size: 34C
Ethnicity: Mixed
Service: 1 HR: $175
Availability: available

Email Me:

Be you desirous of healing feminine touch, in seek of reprieve from an edgy world, or wishing to gain knowledge and skills, feel free to convey that which you seek. Here to serve that which is innate in you, my sessions assure an inspired approach to honoring your erotic intelligence. I offer sensual massage and tantric bodywork, am certified as a CMT, and have had the privilege of studying with some of America's best Tantra teachers.

True full body touch embraces the whole body as an erogenous zone. This deeply satisfying technique supercedes "therapeutic" massage by including not only muscle manipulation, but extended pleasure, as therapy. Unwavering focus on your embodiment makes it easy to come totally into the moment. Longer sessions can include a hot soak in my favorite element, water, to relax before a luxurious rub down. I use high grade aromatherapy oils both in the tub and on the body to augment your senses and amplify your awareness (permission always asked before applying scented oils).

Tantric Bodywork is the future-forward evolution of sensual massage in the Western hemisphere it is an approach that integrates ancient East Indian practices with sophisticated erotic touch. Depending on your mood or motivation, a tantra session can be one in which you are proactive in learning new skills to experience greater control and increased freedom, or one in which you surrender to being guided into deeply meditative erotic bliss. Or both!

Can meditation be erotic? Have you ever felt lightning rippling beneath your skin? Does breathing get you high? Experience space age sensuality at its best. Access quantum relaxation and unprecedented activation of your potential.
With magical hands, I weave the continuum of your spirit into the container of your body, interlocking your breath with deep reserves of life force to awaken, intensify and cultivate your energetic body. We journey through soul soothing tranquility, embodied epiphany, & body rocking vibration. Uncensored massage, exquisite caresses, vocal guidance and guided imagery are all key players in a good Tantra session. We breathe in ways new and yet timeless, exploring the technology of the body as a tool for expansion into bliss.

When we meet you will find yourself in the presence of a radiant Goddess who is excited to know you & desirous of transmitting one of the best experiences of your Life!

Sessions are conducted in a cool, comfortable & upscale environment, and confidentiality is absolute.
Early morning sessions available via pre-booking.
Pre-booking is most appreciated same day appmts are often available.


30 Mins 120
1 Hour 175
90 Minutes 250

Prostate Massage Add $25
*Sincere, courteous Inquiries Only*
Emily 312-6*8*5-2*37*2
Donation should always be left in Plain view once arriving. To avoid any uncomfortable exchanges Also this Massage ONLY. You will leave HAPPY!!! NO Fl Ser No ORL

Phone: 312-685-2372
Email Me

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